Sunday, October 28, 2007

First view of Bangalore

To be honest I didn't take this picture (thank you, Google Image) but this is exactly what it looked like when I came in tonight. I'm really excited to be here.


Zach said...

Damn, that's awesome, Anna!

Anna said...

Thank you! It really is a beautiful city, but you have to look for the beauty, which just makes it all the more meaningful when you find it. I keep meaning to go nuts with my camera, but I get stared at SO FREAKING MUCH as it is that I never really want to look that much more out of place by stopping in the middle of the sidewalk (if you can call it a sidewalk) to snap pictures of all the cute little beggars. You know. I will one of these days, though, because I want everyone to see all the crazy stuff I see every day.