Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wanna buy my car?

This 2001 Toyota Corolla has good gas mileage and a great engine, but more importantly it has character. We've been through a lot together in the past 17 months. Here's a partial list:
  • Three speeding tickets.
  • Two tickets for expired tabs.
  • One really big ticket (and near-arrest) for driving with a suspended license.
  • Several court appearances.
  • One $1500 warrant issued for my arrest when I forgot about one of said court dates.
  • Two instances of being rear-ended by an idiot without insurance. (The first girl told me she was changing her clothes while she was driving.)
  • One instance of me being the idiot and taking out my front headlight with a parking garage pillar.
  • Countless fun road trips and trips to the mountains.

So this car is a guaranteed good time! Let me know if you'd like any real information about mileage (125K), power accessories (doors & window), or price (depends on how much I like you).


faceyboy said...

A sliding scale based on how much you like the person. I can't resist wondering what kind of price I might get. Somehow I suspect I might not be able to afford it.

katia said...

haha, sounds like you've had some roaring good times with her. ;)

hey, what's yr email addy?
I want to share a photo of you
that I'm in love with. :)


Anna said...
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Anna said...

Katia - It's Thanks! It was great to meet you yesterday.

Christopher - Whatev. ;)

Zach said...

So what does the title of your blog mean?

Anna said...

Means "what's up?" in Hindi. Kind of a lame & gimmicky title, but whatever. I'm awful at thinking of clever things like that!

Zach said...

I think that "What's up" is a much simpler way to express the sentiment…

Anna said...

True. I'll tell them they should really think about changing that.

Zach said...

Lol. Good.